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Zhi Jun’s Birthday + CCA Interviews (Part II)

Posted on: September 8, 2007

I’m beginning to think Jonathan is right, my blog is starting to become more narrative than a compilation of my abstract thoughts. But hey, I like it that way too.

Yesterday (because it’s now past 12 o’clock) we had a supposedly surprise celebration for Zhi Jun’s birthday. Actually the Block 6 residents already had a round of celebration last night, but I’m in Block 4 with a couple of unfinished tutorials late at night, so I decided to settle for the afternoon’s celebration instead.

When Zhi Jun was bathing, Shu Lin and another friend from Kent Ridge went to my room. I grabbed my umbrella because it was raining, together with a few other things and we ran on top speed to Block 6 to hide in Swee Yee and Zhi Jun’s room. (See, Zhi Jun, I’m actually giving you a behind-the-screen account of what happened). Zhi Jun was known to bathe quite quickly, so time was of essence, after half running and half creeping into the room, we tried to maintain absolute silence while waiting for Zhi Jun to return. Swee Yee was at the door. After some time, we heard the door being opened and there was a knock.

Swee Yee gave some kind of excuse not to open the door while Shu Lin and her friend frantically lighted the 2 candles. After that, Swee Yee opened the door, and Shu Lin stood right in front, cake in hand … only to see Wen Qiao outside! *sweat* So Wen Qiao was admitted into the room quickly and the door was closed. We laughed at our blunder and blew out the candles. Seconds after that, there was knocking in the door again, and this time it was really Zhi Jun who insisted on coming in! The candle lighting process started all over again. Still, Zhi Jun already knew we were inside the room because she noticed Shu Lin’s slippers outside! *sweats again* We were too excited to think that the slippers would actually be a give-away.

In the end we started the birthday song singing thing proper and took some pics. The pics are in my Multiply album now, so if anyone is interested to see them, just find the link on the right side of my space links and give it a click. The cake was nice! LOL… I hope this birthday is a memorable one for Zhi Jun… it’s not that often that you get two cakes on the same day. Terry and Tirza turned up to help finish the cake too. After Zhi Jun went out for her interview, I went back to my room to get emotionally prepared for the block comm interview.

Block Comm interview was held in Jess’s room. She’s the only Year 1 block head I think. The interview was a really short one. We had to choose 3 questions out of 10 (it was a pick your favorite number affair) and answer them. I think the whole thing took around 2-3 minutes.

Choir interview was next, at 8.30 p.m. My first thought when I saw the time was, gosh, that’s after dinner, what an conducive time for singing! We were supposed to prepare a song, so after some last-minute searching for suitable Disney songs (because I’m more into Disney songs), I ended up singing the Sound of Music, which gives people a false illusion of being difficult to sing, but actually has a narrow vocal range. I think I did quite well in that interview, my credentials were sufficient, I had experience in church, I could sight-sing, and I think I managed to sing all the notes Shu Shan played on the piano (and the last one was the SECOND C above the middle C – that’s a whole two-octave range for soprano, and the E below the middle C for alto). I sounded screechy towards the end though. It was lucky that they weren’t interviewing two or three people at the same time. I must have sounded horrible. Anyway, I didn’t know that my voice could reach that high before! So it’s a good revelation.

I took a nap after coming back from Choir, and woke up suddenly wondering what the time was. It was a mere 6 minutes away from my Unplugged interview (but I did set my alarm clock)! Oh my… for Unplugged, again I had this limited role, because I can’t play the guitar, and I can’t sing also at the moment, because I just woke up! Thomas (MM for Unplugged) asked me to play one or two songs… so my ability to play by ear came in. However, I just realized that I was supposed to play chords only… I supposed that’s why he asked me to sing along as well. Why on earth did I stuff the melody in… and my playing was nothing superb either. Sigh… Unplugged is one of my last few choices, but I did want to at least do well for the interview. The activity sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll join next year and give a better performance during the interview.

I do like all the Cultural activity CCAs, if I can I want to overload for all of them… but I guess that’s impossible, I’ll forsake my main aim of coming to university, training to become a Chemical Engineer! In fact I feel more like a musician than an engineer now… ooops… I guess that’s why I enjoy hall life so much. Well, it’s back to studies for me now… I MUST be a good steward in the studies, because if not, I’m not the only one paying the price for it.

Alright, must grab all the time I have now… tomorrow endless hours will be wasted again arranging the concert song…


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