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My Personal Nurse and more… :)

Posted on: December 28, 2008

Yesterday during Youth meeting we took turns sharing something we were thankful for in year 2008. I wasn’t planning to go to the sharing at all at first, because I was tired out after the Malacca outing with my family and didn’t want to rush for it. Still, due to unexpected event turn-ups, I ended up being the pianist for the meeting.

I shared about my personal nurse cum ‘leng lui’ who has a bed right next to mine back in hall. My caffeine inhibitor, who force feeds me fruits and treats me to Yakult and chocolate milk once in a while. The reason why I buy marshmellows that I don’t eat, and why I get to play guitar in my room. The person motivates me non-verbally to be serious about my daily devotions, and encourages me to focus on God whenever I forget. She tells me exam is not everything and doing my best is enough. Somebody who scolds me for turning off the light during the night when she wants to sleep so that I get to study. Somebody I have girl-talks with in the nights. Somebody who cares enough to tell me off if she sees I’m doing anything wrong, and who discusses with me time to time about what are the right things Christians should do. Somebody who slips smiley notes on my table to motivate me when I’m studying.

Last but not least, somebody who cares enough for her poor roomie so as not to ditch her when she goes off to ‘buy stuff’. Hehe. Oh yes, she’s also my personal mosquito repellant!

I don’t think I shared everything up there in detail, but then here’s all WMWMWM has done for me during the semster and more. One more sem rooming with her, and I’ll have to room with somebody else. Hope we have fun during our last sem together! And hope we actually have time for piano-therapies (or at least guitar therapies).

One small thing about WMWMWM is (well every roomie has her flaws), she just can’t get along with Dee Dee and McDull. Nor any of my other toys either. Somehow I think even Boss has a better liking for them. Dee Dee’s still threatened by the needles she brings back to the room. But McDull is still all over her because she once helped to stich him up!

On a side note, I met Tony again during Youth meeting. Haha, I wonder how he always manages to patiently ‘listen’ as we sing and speak in Chinese, even though with some translations here and there. I always see Tony when I least expect to see him! But then again, when do I ever expect to see Tony? Met my teacher on Facebook too, LOL. Now she’s happily married  in Singapore. Haven’t seen her since she left.

Brother Kai Wei is leaving us to serve elsewhere next year. Today was his last service in our church. This guy didn’t really give me a blast of an impression at the beginning, but he certainly gets more and more inspiring towards the end. He’s no spiritual elite, speeches aren’t exactly fluent (but they are not bad), singing so-so, public speaking also so-so, but once he gets going, he gets going strong! It just shows to me all-so-clearly that we need not be good at everything to be able to serve God, it’s God that makes our service good. Every work he does is just overflowing with sincerity, humility and the result makes you feel really good somehow, and I know all this can only come from God.

Serving God through all our works in life is not based on whether we’re good, talented or anything. Just place whatever we have on that altar, be it our strengths or weaknesses and God’s mighty hands will use and multiply them, just as I’ve seen through this brother, and just as he multiplied those 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

Another lesson to take home when I face the hectic life in NUS where only the fittest survive. But in this case, the fittest in spirituality are those who truly survive!


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