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Just to Pass Time…

Posted on: March 7, 2009

… not that I have that much of time with an exam up tomorrow, but still, this is going to be quick.

Was reading blogs on and off, and decided to write a blog too. I can’t believe my December posts are still up on this page, and its already March! Usually they would be long gone in January. That says a lot about the rate I’m blogging this semester. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. It probably means that I’m taking my studies more seriously than ever, or I’m distracted with other online things like Facebook. Or a bit of both.

Sometimes it’s not my fault too, there’s so many things going haywire with Windows Live Spaces now, it just sometimes plain wouldn’t let me blog. Today’s a lucky day (one of my Professor’s favorite phrases when it comes to taking initial guesses for calculations).

I found Jiali’s new blog today, and realized that she has gone on exchange. It hasn’t got much posts in it, but then again, who am I to say that at the rate I’m going now. I love her posts, they have so much cheer and joy in it. 🙂 Suddenly miss her too.

Hall points are in RHAPs already, and I have like more than 70 points there, alright to stay, definitely. Despite the immense competition with people overloading activities left and right this year, somehow I emerged top in terms of points for girls in hall (100 over non-RHAPs), and second overall. I guess it’s because the people I’m working under are quite generous with me this year. In fact I have a feeling that I worked harder for CCAs last year than I did this year, or its because the workload is reasonably spread out. Still I must say I enjoyed more during first year, there were less responsibilities although more time was spent. Take RH-Ed for example, no one would believe I slogged for THAT many hours just to produce articles of the quality I wrote. Many a random blogger would have done a better job in an hour or two. It will never come to pass again that I will top the hall in points (at least for girls), but then again I owe it to Boss that I got a full discrete last year, something I’m sure I’ll never get again too.

How I wish I could convert hall points into CAP. My aim in accumulating points is to get to stay in a double room, and I definitely have more than enough for that, which renders the rest of the points redundant. Still I must say the experience of taking up more leadership roles this semester is really a valuable experience to gain from. Hall has been giving a lot to me every year, and taking away a lot as well. Next year I can only afford to do the bare minimum or almost there, enough just to stay. Year 3 Chemical Engineering is going to be difficult. It’s making me feel all grown up too, going to be thrust into the world out there in the ‘most severe economic downturn ever’ as our lecturers constantly remind us.

I like this semester bad as it might be with all the projects and assignments and core modules. I know I may not fare well in it too as my other semesters but I find myself genuinely interested in what I’m learning, which is a good thing 🙂 And it makes me realize the importance of doing QT in letting each day pass by meaningfully.

Guess I better stop now and study for tomorrow’s mid term test. 10 MCQ questions which will mean life-and-death for my final CAP in this 5 MC module.


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