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Target Lines Galore ++

Posted on: March 9, 2009

I barely made it for mid terms but now I’m dreadfully behind all my deadlines. Oh wait. I have one more mid-term that I’m sure I’m way behind time too, but that’s in another two weeks.

For this week, I will need to finish my part of my EG2401 report, ideally finish my part of the CN2125 report, and see what I can do for CN3124 and CN2116 before I’m deemed as useless member in two groups. Also, complete my part of the CN2108 lab report, and finish my SS tutorial too, by Friday. Fortunately there’s no homework for CN2116 this week, but there is next week, and the next and the next…

Ignore all the module names if you don’t know what they are. This is just random crapping.

On a side note CME’s last performance is on this Sunday afternoon, for NUS Open House. It’s not exactly a big scale performance and we’re doing minimal practice for it haha. I’m performing for Unplugged as well. I stopped CME practices for two weeks because of Recess Week and mid terms. Yesterday we had a practice again and I just loved hearing them play although quality has somewhat deteriorated since Phoenix Fest. The violin is such an expressive instrument! Pity it can’t play chords, but it’s really expressive.

Sometimes I enjoy listening to our practices more than watching those onstage performances done by professionals. Haha. I guess it’s only when you’ve gone through the process you know how to appreciate things.

God has opened up a new avenue to serve this Easter, and I pray that it would be fruitful and genuine, and most of all serve its purpose. I haven’t been serving for a long time. And through this serving I get to fellowship, pray faithfully as well as manage certain responsibilities. All on a small scale, but nevertheless, I believe God will work wonders. Thank Him for this chance.

Ever since B.S one or two weeks ago, I always come to think of God’s mighty work on the cross. People are getting stressed left and right of me now, and the world is a much messier place too, with economic downturns and weird habits. The world is such a dark and dangerous place. Only last week I received a forwarded email about a Chinese village with a habit of eating girls for New Year, complete with pictures. Horrible. And don’t ask me for the email because it’s in my trash bin. Sometimes you just look at this time and age we’re in and think how humans can be so cruel and confused and directionless.

Jesus’ time was a cruel world too. They hung Christ on the cross, letting him die a brutal death, even though he was innocent. I read a few days ago in the book of Matthew, how he was unjustly tried, trialed and sentenced to death on the cross. I read on how fast things happened and how easy it was for men to want to kill another. It was such a cruel world, and there are so many times I feel the shock and horror of it, wondering if one day I’ll fall prey to violence, or even if the people around me will, and my heart be broken because of it.

Sometimes I wonder how people commit rapes and murders, and even sucide. There’s this famous case lately whereby an NTU student stabbed a professor in his office, slashed his own wrists and jumped off the building. Just because of an FYP project. I wonder how people don’t feel anything when they hurt others. I wonder how people think that losing a degree or job means losing everything that means to them.
But isn’t it the same? We get so numbed by the things of the world, the things nearest and dearest to us. The most pressing issues. The sights and smells we’re exposed to, numb us o much that we restrict our lenses to a microscopic view of now and we forget that someone laid His life down so that we may be freed from all this. I forget, many a time. And sometimes we don’t get a job, bad things happen and we question God’s love for us. The love which is manifested on the cross Jesus died. We forget that is what really matters.

Hold on to that assurance. Nothing can take it away.

Romans 8: 38,39 – For I am certain that nothing can
separate us from his love; neither death nor life, neither angels nor
other heavenly rulers or powers, neither the present nor the future,
neither the world above nor the world below – there is nothing in all
creation that will ever be able to separate us from the love of God
which is ours through Christ Jesus our Lord

Not death. Not degrees. Not failed exams and relationships. Not things that people say or do. Not the current sticky situation you are in. Nothing can stop God from loving you. Jesus went through immense suffering for us, it was love that held Him on the cross, not nails. Wouldn’t He want to finish His work of perfection through us today?


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