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Blogging is Therapeutic

Posted on: March 23, 2009

Haha, I can’t believe I spelled therapeutic correctly. I actually had to retype it in the blog section to check its spelling, and was quite surprised when it turned out correct. Haha. I’m doing a project involving the drug adriamycin and I keep on spelling it wrong while typing that out in search engines.

There’s CN3124 CA tomorrow… but I mentioned that in my previous entry already. My brain is saturated studying for it. I’m pushing one of my tutorials backwards to Thursday for its sake too. And I’m still semi-sleepy, haven’t woke up yet. I wonder how long it will be before I doze off. Sighs.

Checklist for the week (oh no I can’t believe this is the last week of March already. This is what happens when you live in terms of NUS week numbers, instead of actual times and dates.)

Monday – mug for CN3124 CA.
Tuesday – chiong CN2116 homework. Rarr. No senior’s answers for this one. And read up the super long lab.
Wednesday – do lab! And finish as much of CN2125 as I can.
Thursday – finish as much of CN3124 assignment as I can. Really feel bad for this one cz I haven’t been contributing much.
Friday – chiong CN2116 project I suppose, and lab report to be handed up the next week. If I have time I’ll go library to counter check CN2125 assignment questions with my old text book, and start doing CN2116 in the weekend.

Notice that that’s my plan for the week and the word ‘revision’ is not there. I wonder what my finals will be like. I’m seriously getting my priorities wrong, placing the 20% projects above the  60% finals. Yet I’m consciously going on with this kind of lifetstyle because project deadlines are looming, and it’s a group thing so I have to think of my group members too. Not that I’m a really good group member to have in the first place, except perhaps for EG2401 and CN2125 to some extent.

Anyway, I don’t feel so sleepy now with some music ringing in my ears 🙂 So I’m happy.

And oh yup I’m so thankful for my blog. Besides being therapeutic (yay spelled correctly again!), it actually served its intial purpose – what it set out to be. 🙂 Thank God.


4 Responses to "Blogging is Therapeutic"

haha, I find blogging therapeutic tooo (I think I spelt it wrongly first time haha, had to check it with yours…) Jia you with all your tests, projects and so on!!!! You\’ll do better this year!! 🙂 🙂

Hee thanks Tirza, I really hope i can do better this sem. LOL. 😀 Jiayou too!

Jia you loo……..

🙂 thanks Hue Wen.

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