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Last Day of March

Posted on: March 31, 2009

Today is the last day of March. April will be the peak of all my submission and presentation woes. Oh, did I hear the finals start in April too? And OMC work as well?

Next Year I’m joining Orientation Marketing again. Except there might be no Orientation to market for. And maybe no Float to market for too. I wonder how many of us are secretly crossing our fingers wanting Float to be on hold for one year. The past marketing experience has told me that doing a Float with competition is not going green at all. It is a waste of money and resources. I won’t say it’s a waste of time because apparently it’s a great experience for Floaters and many freshies, but if you say that Float is green, I’ll say it’s exactly the opposite of that. Float is for nurturing creativity, unity and all that, but NOT for environmental purposes.

Oh yes, the reason why Orientation and Float are potentially on hold is because the hall is undergoing renovation next year. During the renovation period, some residents (most probably a fraction of the seniors), will have to stay in some other place like Gillman Heights in Queenstown, travel till school all day in a month or so. And it’s $350 per month! Zzz. It’s times like these that you appreciate being a high pointer. I thought I was a bit off to chiong so much in hall activities this academic year but it seems to be bearing the most unexpected fruits. For one, I get to choose what room I stay in, so it’s likely that I do not have to be ‘relocated’. Secondly, I got to go to Dinner and Dance for free. I’m still not sure if the latter is a good thing, but then, I"m sure if I didn’t get this free ticket I would never go to a single D&D in my life. $40 may be very worth it for many with the superb service M Hotel provided (I noted that D&D for Chess is $65!), but it’s still too expensive for me. And I’m just not a D&D person. Anyway the programmes were quite cool and well thought out this year.

Oh yes, I should start working hard now. Recently I tweaked my bio-clock into sleeping in normal hours but waking abnormally early to start work. Oh wait, 6 am or so is the time people wake when they work. 🙂


2 Responses to "Last Day of March"

Aaah, I think I will be carted off to Gilman Heights. I think I will apply for Kuok or RVR if this is the case…I need to be near STUDIO!!! Sigh, SO SCARED SO SCARED. Jia you with work!! 🙂 Yeah, Float is most certainly NOT green. It will never be green. Still, it is an experience. 🙂

No! You\’re going to be my roomie! My roomie\’s rooming with me in HALL!!!

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