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Simon’s Blog Entry & Some Random Details From Home

Posted on: May 20, 2009

I’m finally blogging again! I like the contents of Simon’s newest blog entry. I guess sometimes we do carried away by being success-minded. Somehow we’re being conditioned with the thinking that it is essential to lead a successful life.

I watched a Singapore drama series on and off lately. It’s called Tuan Yuan Fan, and it’s about how a few families with different stories and backgrounds struggle with their daily livelihood and do all they can to come together to have a Reunion Dinner for Chinese New Year. It just brought me to realize that even in Singapore, there are people who are still striving hard merely to make ends meet, and sometimes barely meet those ends.

Every student around me has been conditioned to study hard as to be able to earn a living. In university, earning a living is not the only issue. It’s to earn a living and earn it well, to find worldly success and make it big in this world.

Some quotes I like from Simon’s blog entry:

Christians not embracing Christ, Christian looking to
Christ to be their success feeding their worldly pursuits. It is hard
for anyone without Christ to see light that we shine, we live, we
thirst, we love Jesus above all things. We engage people with their
same thrist. It is no wonder that we have more similarities than
differences to the world. When Christians engages the world, the world
embraces him or her. Though it is told that friendship with the world
is in enmity with God. The Christian’s thirst is not wealth. It is
righteousness. Christ is our righteousness.

We don’t show
difference with the way we lived, the world would not resist.
Christianity have dived low, simply we were taught that God is our aide
to success. Perhaps we don’t live by faith in God by faith in gifts,
believe God is our genie, God is a dole-eyed empathising God that
idolize our incapacity to be successful, that the centre of His worship
is us.

What blamphemous idea is that? The fear of God is the
beginning of wisdom. We love Him because He first love us. Divine love
is thought-out by God in whom He predestined, He foreknew, He
justified, He also glorified through the slaying of His son. That is
God’s divine, highest and most gracious love. To degrade God’s love to
our own tool and not total worship is indeed idolatory. The love of God
is unimaginably impossible full of grace, mercy and power and if that
dun implore us to love, what else will?

Sometimes our world is just too crowded by the pursuit of worldly success to see that it is not hwat that matters after all.

Not that you don’t work hard to do well in what you’re doing. I believe that it is our duty to sharpen our axes, do use what we’re given to its fullness. But what is given to us is not for our use. It is for God’s use in His kingdom. However, many times we use it for our fame, our glory, and our income; sacrificing the time we have for God instead.

This is a good reminder to me, because sometimes I don’t know where I’m heading as well in the swirl of panic in the NUS world. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between the values you grew up adopting and those you think may be right instead. We really need the Holy Spirit’s guide for this.

I went to cut my hair today, but the shop I usually go to was not open. So I guess I’ll have to go out tomorrow, or some other day. I already had my dental checkup though. Turns that my teeth were still fine 🙂 I’m still abit worried about the little gap between my two front teeth. But it seems to be getting just a bit better nowadays.

I still haven’t gained weight these few days at home. I’ve never been this light before. I wonder what happened. Must be the effect of those few weeks when I totally had no appetite at all in NUS.

Actually I had quite a few issues on my mind but now I can’t recall any of them. Hmm 😦

2 Responses to "Simon’s Blog Entry & Some Random Details From Home"

Great blog my friendYou got it right when u said ~ We really need the Holy Spirit\’s guide for this.I have to go to the dentist…for root canal work or have the tooth pulled out!!!!!!!!!!!!God bless sis

Oh, how\’s your tooth? What happened to it? God bless too.

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