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24 May 2009

Posted on: May 24, 2009

Just back from church. The kids (I call them kids, but actually they are 6-7 years younger than me only) were learning how to drum but they needed a pianist to help out so that they won’t drum into air. So I went and helped for 2 hours. It’s so great to see so many of them being able to drum now, and being able to grasp the basics. Soon there will be a new batch of drummers to serve in church. Thank God for Uncle Yu Chun and his patience, forking out 2 – 4 hours a week just to teach them so that they will be able to serve God.

I like to watch people drum but have never thought of trying it out myself. Somehow I just have this feeling that the piano will always be my favorite instrument and none can parallel to it. Still, if there’s one other instrument I would like to try, it would be the violin I think. It’s so expressive! The guitar is fun too, but I still prefer the piano to it.

Yesterday there was this revival meeting in church. Actually it was a revival meeting celebrating the revival of the Wesley brothers, which led to the eventual birth of all the Methodist churches we have now. Before that the speaker touched on bridging the gap between hymns and modern music nowadays. He said it would be helpful if we combined both for worhsip, hymns for their deep and rich meaning, and modern songs for the emotions they are able to bring out.

For the sake of my readers, I would like to mention that the ‘modern worship music’ mentioned here are the ones we sing in Chinese, which are less ‘rocky’ as some of the English ones I know, e.g. from Hillsongs and Planet Shakers. I have nothing against Hillsongs and Planet Shakers at all, but sometimes I find the foundation of certain songs rather emotionally based and shakey. Some songs, not all. I have my Hillsong favorites too 🙂

Ah Jon (another of the multiple Jonathans I know) came back too for a short vacation. It’s been a long time since both of us were back together so I was very happy to see him. We even got to serve in worship together today! Thank God.

Next week I’m interpretating Pastor’s message. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this. And I’m getting very used to conversing in English, a little too used to it, in fact, to the extent that when I shared something in youth the other day, I had to mentally translate all my sentences from English to Chinese. Hope I don’t get stuck next week! Better buck up and read more Chinese 🙂


3 Responses to "24 May 2009"

Yay! Learn the violin, before you\’re too old to pick up a new skill… I support!!!

gailgail!! learn the cello! hahaha…have a great holiday!

Hey people, don\’t get too excited k. That was just WISHFUL thinking. However, I don\’t mind learning if I had the time and lessons are free (or very much affordable). =p

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