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Post 9-09-09

Posted on: September 10, 2009

It’s now 10th of September… past the all hyped and auspicious 9
September 2009 (or 9/9/09). Actually I think the date is very much
overrated, and it is amazing how many people find it an interesting
date. Part of the reason I suppose is the Chinese think 9 is an
auspicious number (it signifies longevity, or ‘lasting-ness’), and I
suppose that means it’s a good day for marriages and renewal of vows
(or maybe even birthdays). You can see the home page of my facebook
being flooded with comments about this special date. Wayne texted me a
forwarded message (I think) about what we’re doing on 9:09 am on this
date. I’m quite ashamed to say I was sleeping in, but that ws because I
had a late night studying before. I almost wanted to blog on it, but
procrastinated and ended up blogging now instead. Anyway, it’s no

What happened on my 9-09-09 was firstly, I slept in, and
later went to lab to do batch fermentation. I quite like my lab
sessions this year, because my lab partners are very entertaining, sabo-ing each other (which means Kasun sabos Michelle and me, in essence, and we sabo
him back). The lab officer was very amused by our group because most of
the time we were giggling non-stop (and the experiment was so boring!).
After our fermentation, Kasun and I were supposed to return to check if
nothing spills out from our culture, but it turns out that the machine
that our batch culture was in wasn’t even turned on! Someone must have
turned it off by mistake because we all saw that it was when we left.
So the two of us forfeited a nice afternoon’s nap to come back and
check instead. 😦 Well, I suppose that’s better than having to redo

Band’s sending two teams to represent hall in the
Youth Talent concert. I had to decline my role as a pianist in one of
the teams because I have a text in the week we’re supposed to do
recording, and I already have had to commit to CME practices. It was
such a pity, because it looked so exciting! 😦 I hope I get chances to
work together with them again for other occassions. Sigh. I can’t seem
to spend as much time on my studies as I could because of hall
activities, and I can’t enjoy my hall activities to the fullest because
of studies! I would have so much liked to start writing Phoenix
articles now and get interviews in while everyone’s memories are still
fresh, but unfortunately I have no time to do so. I can only mentally
structure the articles when I’m in the bathroom bathing.

able to get our new room keys today and we’re going to move to our new
rooms to blocks 2, 4, and 6 within these two days! Exciting as the
prospects may be (new, clean rooms with more places to stack
belongings), it’s still very troublesome to move my whole room a whole
block and two storeys away. I don’t like the new doors of the new
blocks! Kasun said he thinks he could break them down by smashing hard
on them haha. The old doors are so nice and sturdy. But they are all
going to be done away with when we move over. Will miss them. I also
like the old balcony rails (wooden) which we can just sit at and swing
our legs. The new ones are proper iron rails whereby we can’t sit on
them. I suppose they are safer, but they are so less fun. The roof also
looks different. It’s all so white and new and safe and less old. I’ll
miss the old outlook of RH after the complete renovations are over. I’m
so glad to be part of RH before rennovations! The new generations of
Rafflesians won’t know what they missed.

I’m supposed to be
working through my Seperations project, but we’re kind of stuck. And
now I’m a little behind HYSYS lab too. I’m falling apart in all the
modules I’m studying! I hope to regain momentum somehow. That’s why I’m
still awake near 3 pm now haha. My sleeping hours are officially upside
down. Just drank some coffee and now the prospects of studying doesn’t
look so bad after all. Coffee cheers me up a little. Hope I won’t be
sleepy tomorrow. I actually like going through Thursdays, just that
they are so long. Three hours of lecture back to back, HYSYS computer
lab right after (another 3 hours). Then I get two hours break which I
usually go back to hall to nap and have an hour’s tutorial after that.

yes, I’m doing Industrial Attachment next semester after all. I emailed
the person in charge and he swapped my grouping for me. I wonder what
IA would be like. Heard that it’s pretty tiring, but I seriously need
some work experience before I go out to work.

OK, back to tutorials 🙂


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