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Weekend of Week 5

Posted on: September 14, 2009

Week 5 is over and I’m now in week 6. By the time this week is over,
half my semester is gone. Can’t really believe that… and it seems
that I still have so much to learn!

The industrial attachment
company list is out. There are so many choices I don’t know which to
choose! Will settle that this Thursday after my Separation Process
Engineering test. Thursday is going to be super packed. Test 8.30 am to
9.30 am. After that rush to lab to analyze batch fermentation results.
Immediately after that 3 hours of HYSYS computer lab. An hour after
that Numerical Methods tutorial. 1 hour break for lunch (or for me to
flop down in exhaustion). Finally I have my Separation tutorial at 5-6

I must really set my alarm not to faint on that night because I still have to select my IA options!

mentioned, Separations test is on Thursday, and I’m not really that
prepared yet. I’ve gone through all the notes but haven’t done the help
sheet nor read the text book. Almost done in tutorials. The most
noteworthy thing that I’ve learnt in this module is separations
is not spelled as ‘seperations’. =.= Imagine going to school and
learning English for this many years, and only to rectify the mistake
now. I suppose I’m not going to get it wrong again after this because
that word always appears when I make my notes.

I moved into my
new room on Friday night. Moved from 10 pm till 4 am, with breaks in
between. I was really tired and felt so dirty after that. But I like my
new room! All the furniture smells new, and it’s clean. I won’t say
it’s tidy because I haven’t fully unpacked yet. And being me, it’s
hopeless to think that the room would even be really tidy. But then my
shelves are quite neat, only my table top is rather messy, as usual. I
changed my bed sheet and washed my blanket to fit the occassion. Now
everything smells nice.

I like the view outside my window. It’s
a patch of green trees, and the paved steps leading to Block 2. It’s
not as ‘kepo’ as my previous room in Block 5 (meaning I can see what
everyone is doing), but a lot of people go up and down the steps and I
get to observe them. Of course that means they see me from my room too.

was quite fun especially the fact that I have 5 cute new neighbours now
apart from Zhi Jun and Wen Qiao. I wanted to call them the ‘Bond Girls’
because I couldn’t recall ‘Charlie’s Angels’. But Zhi Jun said ‘Kero’s
Angels’ is cuter and since they are Chin Wee’s girls we called them
that. Haha. Zhi Jun doesn’t mind rooming with them beause the space
they take up are quite negligible. 🙂

Okies that’s all my updates for today. Back to the books again. I wonder why my blogs always end this way.


2 Responses to "Weekend of Week 5"

I pray all goes well on Thurs day 🙂

Thanks Martyn!

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