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My Favorite Time of the Semester

Posted on: September 20, 2009

My favorite time of the semester is here. Recess week! A break without
having the face the pressure of impending finals (think reading week).
Every time it comes when I totally need it. And it goes just as quickly
as it comes.

I know I have two upcoming tests right after recess
week, and I need to study hard for them during this short little one
week break. But then again, a one week break is a one week break. It
means a week of not needing to go for lectures, tutorials or labs; a
week to catch up with piled up work, and a week NOT to have extra work
that I haven’t finished piled up at the end of it. 🙂

dinner was last Tuesday and it is long over. Just wanted to blog about
it because it was my first Chamber Music Ensemble (CME) performance of
the year. CME this year is really really small, and we have to do these
1-2 person performances now, instead of the 5-8 ones we used to do
previously. I paired with Sharon to do Air in D, which she has never
heard before at all prior to this. Sharon plays the erhu, and she’s
used to listening and playing Chinese songs ONLY. So Air in D is what
she calls an ‘ang moh‘ song. I
say we didn’t do too badly considering the times we practiced were very
limited. Of course it wasn’t a blast, and did pale in comparism with
some performances put up by the Rugged Hallways (that’s what RH Band is
called now), but then it did fish in quite a number of compliments.
Even I who was hidden behind the piano and was not seen at all got a
personal compliment from one of the alumni 🙂 I think she was very kind.

test is over. It was 25 MCQ questions, and the duration was only 1
hour. As usual panic signals overwhelmed my brain when I saw the
question to time ratio, but fortunately, I managed to recover quite a
bit when the exam actually started. I guess part of the panic was due
to the unusual absence of Mei, my classmate, who was usually very
responsible and punctual when it comes to test. Not only was she
absent, but she did not pick up all the calls I sent to her! It turned
out that she was on the way to the test, but might not have heard her
phone on the shuttle bus. I shall decline to comment on all things
regarding this 10% test that I have not slept well for the past week
for, except this: I think the lecturer was very smart when he asked for
us to put our workings down. He could have just marked our answers
alone (because the test was multiple choice) but he chose to look
through our workings as well, so as to ensure that our results wasn’t
just a result of sheer luck.

Not sleeping for a whole day for
test prep did take its toll for me. I totally blacked out the whole of
next day (Friday) and pigged it in peacefully. I missed all my
(webcasted) lectures, and my project meeting! And I didn’t realize (or
conveniently forgot) that there was a meeting going on until Yew Hong
called to tell me the meeting was finished. Somehow I had mixed
feelings about his calling me after everything was over. On one hand, I
thought it would be better if I received the call when it was still
ongoing so that I could at least rush over. On the other hand, I was
quite happy because I got to replenish lost sleep. Hmms.

today is already Saturday, and despite having made up my mind to spend
it mugging, the weather was so temptingly cloudy and cool and rainy
that I compromised by spending another half of the day pigging it
again. When weekdays come I think I’d have to drag myself to some place
around school without a bed to mug. Otherwise the allure of sleeping in
such a nice cold weather is too much for a tired soul like mine.
Hopefully that some place would have a range of nice (affordable) food
to go with it too. Won’t mind putting on a little weight this week, and
food does in a way keep me awake and fuel me to keep on going.

dinner with Wai Pheng, Tirza, Zjun and Jon today at Thai Express, which
Wai Pheng insisted on treating. I forgot to took pictures though. 😦
Last time I had laksa, so this time I tried their green curry. It was
super delicious when ate together with rice. Zhi Jun appeared to be
quite fond of my curry too, and since there was a lot of it, both of us
splashed generous amounts on our rice. Oh no, just blogging about it
has aroused my taste buds. Tirza’s tomyam soup should be nice too, but
it was so unusually hot that I couldn’t stand it. There was this little
baby next to us, with the most expressive eyes ever. The mother pointed
out that the shirt he was wearing had the words ‘Big Flirt’ on it.
Haha. I think it was rather an apt statement because you could really
describe his eyes as ‘seductive’. He kept on staring at us and allowed
Zjun to hold his hand.

That’s for the beginning of my recess
week. I wonder how it would end. Hopefully with the blog post saying
that I am well rested and at the same time well prepared for my tests.
=p I hope this won’t be wishful thinking.


3 Responses to "My Favorite Time of the Semester"

cool post. it seems that you\’re able to let the readers embrace what you feel. how\’s the quiz by the way?

Thanks Wes! 🙂 I don\’t know how I did for the quiz haha. I\’m still quite confused over it.

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