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23 September 2009

Posted on: September 23, 2009

Today is the most fruitful day for studying in recess week. At least I
managed to stay up the whole day (up till now) and been studying on and
off without sleeping.

Some random issues:

I feel like wanting to change my blogspot blog template again. I wonder if I
should. The current template is nice, but it’s a little bit too cute
for me now. But then nice templates are really hard to find! And I
don’t want to give myself excuses to hog on the laptop finding new
templates when I’m supposed to be mugging for mid terms.

Two mid terms after recess week. Monday and Friday. Plus other non mid
term modules and projects to catch up with. Projects! I’ve been
immobile in them except for a bit of fruitless research. I feel like
I’m such a let-down as a project mate. Would buck up.

3. I want to put on some weight! But not too much.

4. I felt
like wanting to change my blogging style. Note the past tense. Reason
for that was I’ve been hanging around some popular blogs lately (thanks
to Dawn’s blog roll which I go to if I have nothing to read from my own
feed), and some blogs are just so nice to read! Not that the content is
thought-provoking and inspiring, but they are just… fun. But then I
decided that I’ll stick to my current style, because I don’t want to
turn into a blogger going for hits.
I decide that I am not going to blog for hits.
Not that that will be of any use even if I tried to anyway, but most
importantly, that will take away the whole meaning of my blogging
altogether. Won’t go for what people want to read, but just what I want
to say, and what I think, and who I am. Ahh well, you might be
thinking: "Duh, isn’t that elementary?!" But then, sometimes I get on
the high horse so much that I forget the elementary.

I love Country Story! Even though it’s getting a bit monotonous playing
now. But I’m still a little upset over the fact why the
livestock/animals look blur or boring after they mature. They were so
cute when they haven’t grown up!

6. I’m having my first
band practice tomorrow. Never really played in a band before. The
closest to it was actually the song ‘Zhen de Ai Ni’ in church a few
years back for Parents’ Day presentation. But I like this group of
people I’m going to work with for Orange Week performance in Central
Forum. They are all very good musicians and Chuanbo sings well. This is
going to be exciting. Would be more exciting still, if I don’t keep on
bringing up the fact to myself that practices may get into the way of
my mid term preparations. But then I think they won’t.

I’m now using rough paper Tirza gave me. There’s a whole stack of them
and behind some are some Japanese exercises. So when I get bored of
calculations, I flip them over and try to copy the Japanese characters
behind down, even though I don’t know what most of them mean, and I
can’t read any of them.

doodling has somehow produced two effects. Firstly, it made me miss
writing in Chinese. As in writing Chinese by hand. Not typing it. Half
the Japanese words are the same as Chinese ones, only they are
pronounced differently, and maybe written a little differently. I want
to write Chinese words! Hence I end up writing random Chinese phrases
all round the page. The second effect this mindless doodling had on me
is it actually caused me to want to learn Japanese! I don’t know if
it’s the doodling thing or if it’s a Tirza thing. For those who don’t
know, I’ve been psychologically affected by Tirza lately. Don’t ask me
why, I don’t know and it’s not really her fault either. I saw her
eating cup noodles and I had a craving to eat them too. I saw her
drinking 100 plus and I wanted to drink 100 plus as well. Then one
morning I woke up seeing her eating McDonalds for breakfast and my mind
itched until one fine day I decided to do the same. And Tirza’s taking
Japanese this semester. Hmm.

don’t really think it’s Tirza this time. And I don’t believe I’ll
actually take Japanese as a module anytime in NUS. The learning hours
are just too long, and I know nuts about Japanese to begin with (except
those few words Tirza repeats to herself in the room). I just want an
excuse to write something Chinese, or similar to Chinese. An academic
excuse. Something more than teaching Boss how to do his Chinese
Language tutorials (not that I have, just recalled that he asked for
assistance two weeks back). If the craving gets really chronic I’ll
borrow all Jap lecture and tutorial notes from someone, mug them
through the holidays and take Jap in my Final Year. Chances of that
happening is pretty low though.

8. I suddenly lost all passion for ice-cream. Now that’s really, really sad.

8 Responses to "23 September 2009"

Ur in a band, cool ~ what kind of musicHow can u lose passion for Ice cream??????? ha

It\’s a hostel cultural group. I don\’t know about the ice-cream thing. 😦 Now my passion is milo. Ice-cold milo! Healthier than ice-cream haha.

Have u done all ur exams dear?

No I haven\’t 😦 I have one this coming Monday and another on Friday. After that no more exams till early november, but project deadlines will be coming up.

I pray it all goes well for u dear

I think ice-cream are happy…haha…I\’m back blogging world… :p

Thanks Martyn! :)LST: I think ice-cream is happy too. Esp the koko krunch one McD has just introduced too. But it\’s expensive 😦

haha… oh.. u still own me ice-cream le…. I still rem

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