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Back to School and Exams

Posted on: September 28, 2009

Recess week was just over, and the beginning of a new school week was
celebrated with Process Dynamics mid terms. I don’t know what I did,
again it was a state of blurriness and a mad rush for time as I
struggled to lift concepts from my text book into the answer sheet. (It
was an open book test.) I will be having another test on Numerical
Methods this Friday.

I suppose it was due to the test and on-off
sleeping for two nights running. I developed a headache at the side of
my head today afternoon. Fortunately it didn’t come till way after my
test. I couldn’t even fall asleep when it came because it hurt when I
rested my head on the pillow and caused me to cough a lot because I was
feeling nauseous. In the end I had to take Panadol to ease the pain
while falling asleep. I took a good long 4 hour plus nap (thanks Tirza
for packing my food) and woke up finding that the headache was gone.
Feeling much better now. However, this means that I didn’t study for
the whole day and I have to mug through the night again. This is a
terrible vicious cycle. I wonder if my grades are actually worth this
much, but judging by how high the school fees and expectations are… I
think the least I can do is try not to do too badly each time.

Yeh has just revived his blog again after a long winter of hibernation.
Pretty long entries he has written too and I was encouraged by them
today. 🙂 Lately there are so many reminders for me that I haven’t been
placing priority in things that matter. The preaching in church about
the end times that are drawing near. My own daily devotional about the
warnings God gave the wayward people through the old testemant
prophets. Jon’s praying session with me. And things happening in Campus
as well as issues brought up during Bible study.

Jesus coming
again is not that far away as we’re in the times we’re in now. And even
as the Bible said he will come suddenly, in a blink of an eye, with no
one expecting it; we can’t say death will give us the chance to expect
it by either. As I lay in bed with a headache today, I thought about
how my mum had just fallen in coma in her sleep before she left us, and
I wondered for a while (well you do think of things like that when
you’re not feeling well) if I’ll just fall asleep and not wake up again
either. Things like that will just leave you unprepared, and right now
I’d just be too ashamed to face God and say that my whole life is just
centered on studies and exams, preparing for a career, that I might not
even live to pursue, forsaking more important things that matter.

Keep thy fire burning
The fire of your faith
The Master is coming
The hour is too late

The battle grows stronger
He told us it would
But Christ is the victor
Will be understood

can’t remember the rest of the lyrics of this song haha. It’s the
midnight hour of the age of man. Prepare, prepare to meet Him in the

To someone who just told me she couldn’t put down a
death – if this helps, perhaps as the times of separation grow shorter,
we should no longer quake for the death, but for the living; and for
our own selves. Looking forward and no longer looking behind, running
for the goal. The right goal.

NUS and its competitiveness has
made me love and hate it so. But most importantly, I find it a
battleground that has taught me so many things through my weaknesses.
For it is through that in our weakness we’re made strong. It taught me
not to be puffed up, to accept myself as who I am, be it superior or
inferior to others. It taught me that responsibilities are important,
but not to the extent that I sell my soul chasing after the wrong
things. I’ll try not to make such a big hoo-hah about exams and just
let them be part of my life. And trust God to guide me through and
prepare the way ahead for me after doing my best. And doing my best
means not compromise other more important things for the books and do
just enough for what I should be doing.


2 Responses to "Back to School and Exams"

Be careful with headaches, it could mean u are dehydrated ~ drink more water dearI\’m reading the OT prophet, Isaiah ~ he foretold the Exile (150 years before it happened ~ and even gave the name of the King who would rescue Israel, amazing!!) and Jesus of course (700 years before the event)My favourite chapter in the OT is Isaiah Chapter 53 ~ makes me weep everytime!!Take care sis

Thanks Martyn, I guess I was a little dehydrated that day. 🙂

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