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Post Mid Terms, Pre-Project Submissions

Posted on: October 9, 2009

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time. Very, very busy. 😦

an update about things that happened. Raffles Hall’s Mid-Autumn
Festival Celebrations coincided neatly with my project submissions and
mid-terms. It was suddenly pushed forward two whole weeks, and I have
two different performances, and three songs to practice for. Had to
compensate two weeks of practices for that, and it was certainly no
joke. Working with people always takes in a lot of extra time and
effort, especially when standards and expectations are high. But if
it’s a job well done, it has its rewards.

I performed one song
for The Rugged Hallways (aka the hall band), and Chamber Music
Ensemble. Yanlei is nice to work with, and though her violin skills are
not perfect, it’s inspiring and heart warming to see the effort she
puts into her practices and her performances. We played Cheng Li de Yue
Guang and Luo Ye Gui Gen, which is a sure hit if we don’t do it too
badly, because everybody likes the song, and it’s highly popularized.
Had a bit of trouble getting all the chords out though – I couldn’t
find any online. For Band we performed Helpless When She Smiles by
Backstreet Boys. It’s the first time I’m playing this kind of ‘noisy’
song for band, and it’s a totally new experience.

I played safe
in all my performances but still made mistakes in counting and in one
or two chords. Sam commented that my playing is too ‘standard’, which
is both a good and bad thing. Trouble is, I have been performing for
the third year in hall by now and still get stage fright (even in
hall). Hence, I don’t dare to be too adventurous in case something goes
wrong. Playing songs of different genre (the Chinese songs were the
quiet and soothing kind), kind of got me confused also. I shall not try
this again next time. That night, I had to do event reporting for
Phoenix Press as well, so going down for the celebrations was really
killing three birds with one stone. Or maybe it was four birds, as I
told Tirza, because the fourth is myself. I’m behind all my lectures by
two weeks! And I have to really force myself to go out to attend
tutorials. That’s why I’m tired and falling sick on and off now. But at
this point of time, my health is back to normal.

The Dynamics
project took me a very long time to complete – and it was supposed to
be not that difficult. Oh well, at least I get have a hand in most
things related in the project this time – with help from Jon, Yew Hong,
and a very handy tip from Benjamin (most grateful for that). Now is the
tedious part of making the report look nice and complete. After that
I’ll have to do my lab report and maths homework, and catch up with all
my webcast, and learn HYSYS properly. Hopefully that could be done
before the finals come. It’s not too many weeks away. And yes, there’s
three more projects (not including this one I’m nearly done with),
three more tests and two more presentations to prepare for, before the
finals. I haven’t included my CCA activities in the list yet.

went for an interview last Monday and was accepted by Eben Consultants.
It is located in Bukit Batok which is very near NUS, so that’s a plus
point. It means I won’t have to wake up at 5-6 am everyday to get to
work, which is a good thing. I hope I can learn much from this
attachment. I know it’s not top-notch like Shell or Esso, but then
again, I am well aware of where I stand in the academic food-chain,
CAP-wise. In fact, I consider myself very fortunate to be accepted by
this company, because it does most of the things I feel I would be more
interested in – more towards business, safety and quality control.
Hopefully I can cope with both my work and studies next semester. I’m
taking two modules on top of my work, and one of them is supposed to be
an elective related to my core, so it’s not going to be easy.

don’t know why I’m suddenly inserting this here: but I think I’m rather
disappointed with the quality of my news event article written for
Phoenix Press. I made a mistake in writing down the name of one of the
songs performed, and the flow of the report is too methodological to be
interesting. As a senior, I should have inserted some more interesting
comments/analysis of the situation but at that point of time, my mind
was blank, or rather, stuffed with details of my project that I just
wanted to finish my event report quickly. Hope I do a better job next


2 Responses to "Post Mid Terms, Pre-Project Submissions"

Ha, the band sounds funU will be ok for the finals sisTake care

Yup yup thanks 🙂

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