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Another Weekly Summary

Posted on: October 18, 2009

It is another of those lame blog post titles again.

It has come
to a point where I have to force myself to blog, to find something to
write. Otherwise, I’ll just rush through everyday without spending much
time to reflect.

It it just so amazing that everything just
comes forth, new thoughts and reflections, as I just take a little time
to sit down and type before the keyboard.

I am actually trying
to take a break now from writing one of my project reports. It’s
supposedly a simple one, and my group mates actually got all the ideas
out already, but here I am wasting much time over it. I was trying to
decide which format was the best to present it, but ended up using the
one I started out with. Then it’s re-organizing points and re-phrasing
words, to make things sound less conversational. Hopefully I can get it
done very soon.

I have found some more blogs to read, and have
linked them all up into my reading list. 🙂 I love reading blogs. This
year I read blogs belonging to some more well-known bloggers as well as
those of people I know. My current favorite is Cheeserland.com. Her
writing style is generally amusing and she updates quite frequently.

10 is here soon and the atmosphere is so stifling. I’m trying
desperately to catch up with school work and many a time end up falling
victim to sleep/sleeplessness. Oh what a messy life this is.

Study last week was fun. 🙂 The message was on Ruth, by John Piper. He
said Ruth is a very good example how something really good may come out
of a circumstance which showed everything is bad. I don’t think I have
a right to feel that there’s such a circumstance in my life though,
because there is always something bright here and there despite all the
gloominess. And all this ‘gloominess’ is actually not very much worth
mentioning about. If you tell anyone else, that you’re a student, and
all you worry about is your studies, I guess it’s just a very minor
thing. But if it’s so minor why do we get stressed up over it?

guess I should be very thankful that this is what I’m stressed over and
not some other overwhelmingly distressing issues like health, family,
relationships, and maybe even $$$. But even if it’s those, I think
somehow there will always be reasons to give thanks, and there will
always people who will have been through worse.

I’m in Year 3
now, and I’m still seeking a direction. I wonder where it will lead to.
But I know it will be good, though not necessarily easy.


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