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Staying Awake

Posted on: October 20, 2009

I hate dosing myself with coffee each day, and then dosing myself with
milk to get more calcium in. I wonder how I spend on coffee each month.
Must be a small fortune.

I do not like staying awake four hours
a day. Which is what I think I’m going to have to do this week in order
to make multiple ends meet. Err. Correction. To try and make multiple ends meet.

do not like doing my CCA’s and thinking that they are a burden. I’m
supposed to be enjoying playing in band! But then every time I look at
the clock and at the moment practice is over, I feel like leaving
straight away. I don’t like doing activities for the sake of doing
them, but look what I’m doing now.

I have so much lesser hall
activities to do this year but I think the free time I have is less
than some final seniors who have FYP and still do activities! I don’t
know if I get to stay in hall at all next year. 😦

I don’t like
not being able to talk to people. Not being able to go out of school to
walk-walk. Worrying even about having dinner a tad too long that it
will eat into my precious time. Argh Argh.

Ahh Ahh Ahh. I feel
like an archi student. I feel like an archi student who has no models
to complete but have to finish assignments, tests, lab report, viva and
have zero time to prepare for final exam. Goodness knows how my peers
do it. Maybe I just do things too slow. Or I have so many things to do
it takes so long to decide which to start with first.

Things I have to do within 2 weeks:
1. Write lab report and prepare for viva.
2. Prepare for tests (x2).
3. Rush projects (x2).
4. Cultural performance.
5. Prepare for presentations (x2).
6. Finish assignment (x1).

And for the next three weeks (which overlaps with the week I’ve mentioned before).
1. Catch up with lectures! Chapters and chapters.
2. Readings! Chapters and chapters. Four big books! 😦
3. Tutorials! Arrrrgh. Weeks and weeks.

How. Can. I. Ever. Finish. This. Before. The. Finals?

don’t want my results to be as lousy as the previous sems. But looks
like it’s turning that way. Just hope it doesn’t get worse despite me
trading sleep for mugging and so much more.

My results aren’t getting any better. I wonder where all this mindless mugging will lead me to.


6 Responses to "Staying Awake"

Drop the band until your studies have finishedU are only young once ~ but u can be in a band any time 😉

Haha. If I drop it I won\’t be able to stay on campus any more. Staying off-campus is expensive.


Exchange rate is not vy favorable for me, and accommodation outside is expensive. We have to do co-curricular activities to guarantee our stay on campus, as places are limited.

God saw you through year 1 and year 2.. Surely He will do likewise for your remaining years in school, and for that matter, the rest of your life 🙂

😀 thanks Stacey! Agrees.

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