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Hours before presentations

Posted on: November 11, 2009

My sleep time-table has gone haywire again.

I’ll be having two
presentations tomorrow. One for project and another for lab. This is
the worst time for presentations ever. All of us want to start studying
for finals but can’t really do so because we have to prepare for our
presentations. There’s the slides, the speech and the ever challenging
effort of sticking to the time allocated when you have this vast amount
of slides to finish. Then after today’s presentations there will be a
mid=terms test for HYSYS on Friday.

I managed to squeeze both my
presentations nicely within the time limit, but I do hope I am clear
enough and coherent enough to be understood. Actually, after talking to
some of my friends who have done their presentations, I realized that
time isn’t an all-important factor after all, but just a rough estimate
by lecturers. They do chip in and ask questions half-way through.

lab presentation’s the worst. It’s held like some 12 hours later and
some of my lab partners are still editing slides. Mine are done but I
don’t fully understand what I’m presenting. Isn’t that horrible or
what. The professor in charge said the aim of this presentation is more
to let us get a hang of what presentations are like. (Like we don’t
know that yet!) But still, the good point is we don’t need to submit
our lab reports. Hmm. I can’t really decide which is worse.

got all my welfare packs for exams and the quality has deteriorated
much since last year. I thought last year we should have goodie bags
that are smaller because of the economic downturns, but looks like
we’re just coming the feel the effects this year! Still, I should be
grateful for being able to have goodie bags during exam period at
least. Having sourced for sponsorships myself I do know it’s not easy
to get them, although being able to advertise having product exposure
to the whole of NUS helps.

Hmm that’s all for today I guess. I’ve been drinking coffee daily lately 😦 Can’t help it.


2 Responses to "Hours before presentations"

Ha, i never did a degree ~ so no presentations for me

Haha, I should be used to them by now, but I still get nervous.

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