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Sick in Week 1

Posted on: January 13, 2010

It’s week one of my 6th Semester in NUS and I started it downing Panadol pills 😦

headache started on Sunday night when I was back from Kow Fu’s house. I
didn’t know what it was then but yesterday I managed to conclude that
it was heat stroke. The cause was rather stupid – I just spent less
than a few minutes under the sun (but it was really blazing hot that
afternoon), coupled with lack of rest due to room moving and unpacking.
I guess I should really have slept instead of unpack my room before
going out again at night, but I didn’t know it would make me that tired
the whole night. It was quite a strain to open my eyes as it got later
(but I must say dinner was really superb). And when I was home I was
down with a headache, and a body simmering with internal heat.

was worse. Still feeling the heat and headache, couldn’t sleep too,
though I tried for hours and hours all through the day. Also, a couple
of admin issues in school added to the stress, plus other personal
stuff. The weird thing about my feeling hot was the heat was all inside
me, but my skin was at a normal temperature. It was very bad. I
couldn’t eat much dinner. I couldn’t do work at all, and FYP balloting
has to be submitted in two days. 😦

Tuesday. Went to Chinatown
to buy bus tickets around 9 something in the morning, before they run
out. Had breakfast in Chinatown – and again couldn’t finish my food AND
drinks. (The cleaners must think I’m a horrible food waster or
something). Fortunately Chinatown wasn’t too far away from NUS… the
whole trip back and forth amounted to around 3 hours only. And there
were bus tickets left so I could go back home with Yew Hong and
friends. Thanks Yew Hong for calling me to give directions, and for
replying the tonnes of sms’s I sent. :S

After coming back from
Chinatown I had a business lecture from 3-6 pm. The lecturer was a
handsome German, very friendly too. Once my classmates knew class
participation was 25%, there were enthusiastic remarks from beginning
to end (especially the SEP students). Me? With phelgm stuck in my
throat (yes I was having cough and cold as well), as well as a body
both freezing and burning (air-con was cold but I was hot, yet I was
shivering), I couldn’t bring myself to say (or think of what to say
anything at all). In the end what I did was riase a hand indicating
that I was the only Malaysian in class, and ask the lecturer one
(rather stupid) question at the end of the class. Sigh. But it was a
nice course and a nice lecture. Will elaborate about it in other blog

RHOC chose to have an ice-cream party at night – and I
had to settle FYP balloting in that very night too. I had to forgo the
ice-cream, but Jon did bring a bit up after it ended. What a horrible
task it was to just select 15 projects out of 128 and rank them. You
might just end up with any of your choices so I don’t want to be doing
something that results in my tearing of hair, and gnashing of teeth.
After a very small dinner (rarrr going to lose more weight) I went to
sleep for an hour or so waking up to feel hot all over. The heat had
finally moved from inside my body to near skin surface (like typical
fever). It was then that I knew I had a heat stroke. It wasn’t nice,
but I felt quite relieved knowing what it was. I settled the projects
after a few hours, feeling rather brain dead. One big load off my

I tried drinking ‘liang cha’ to reduce my body heat,
but then it worsened my cough (cough virus is really rampant in NUS
now. Even my professor was coughing.) Pei Pa Koa wasn’t effective
enough. Hence the deadly resort: Panadol, after tossing for an hour or
so on bed (poor Tirza, I was quite noisy). And today my temperature is
gone. Cough and blocked nose still lingering though. Hope they’ll be
gone soon enough too. And I do hope my appetite will come back. I
couldn’t finish the porridge I had for breakfast this morning, and it
really wasn’t a lot.

I think I haven’t really blogged about
being sick before. Thank God this is week 1 and all the late night
mugging and stuff hadn’t started yet. However, there were hall
activities like block initiation this week, and I acted really
anti-socially, even during hall dinners. 😦 I will still need to go out
to settle some personal issues these few days, so I’m really glad I
have no more fever. 🙂 Now I’ll work hard to get rid of the cough


3 Responses to "Sick in Week 1"

Oh u poor thing ~ i had flu last weekget well soon dear sis

Thanks bro. 🙂 In the end the fever came back today evening. Sigh.

Oh dear…

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