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Almost There

Posted on: January 27, 2010

I’m almost recovering now. At least I don’t get fever any more! But I’m
still coughing a lot, and coughing up green phlegm. I wonder why the
bruises on my arms take so long to subside though. At least now I’m
able to function normally, albeit having rather weird appetite twists,
and disrupting classes (though I try VERY hard not to), with spasmodic
throaty (or phlegmy) coughs. Gah. It was rather embarrassing in
yesterday’s class in business. I shall not elaborate on that.

when you start functioning normally again that the amount of work
you’ve left behind starts to pile up and crush down like mountains on
you. I simply must get those FYP readings done by this weekend! Not to
mention start doing my Engineering in Drug Delivery individual project,
and researching for the group project. Oh, and to brainstorm for MNO’s
group project, which will involve quite a lot of my time too. And
glancing at my time table, reality hits me into the realization that
lab is starting next week (dreaded reports and vivas)! I’m going to be
nocturnal very soon. Bye bye normal sleeping hours.

(Inter-Hall Games) is here and being part of Phoenix, I’m covering
articles for several sports. This is kind of horrible for me as I have
absolutely zero experience writing sports articles (you know, who
scored, and blow by blow account of what happened), besides near zero
experience in playing sports
too. So with my very limited vocab and experience, my articles are
often lengthy, boring twists and repetitions of the words ‘score’,
‘goal’, ‘chance’, and bla bla bla. (Somehow I’m lucky enough to write
articles for sports in which we win, hehe.) I hope the players don’t get too disappointed by those rather colorless accounts of their feats.

on the topic of IHG, something really weird happened this week (in
fact, I wonder if weird is an appropriate adjective for that, but we’ll
leave this point aside for now). For the first time in my entire
writing life, a certain article of mine was actually thought to be
‘controversial’ , and I was told to be more ‘politically correct’ while
writing next time. =.= For people who know my writing style, I have
never been anything but boringly
politically correct all the time! (Boss should know, it would be so
much nicer for him if my articles were ‘juicier’ and more
‘controversial’.) And the way I see it, article Whatever It Was that I wrote was just as boringly politically correct, and maybe boringly
moralistic as ever (Is ‘boringly’ even a word?). Just because it upset
a small number of people with guilty consciences means I should write
to please people (who disgraces the hall through their actions)? I
stated that it was my own personal opinion, but I never even wrote to
condemn. The purpose of that small little paragraph in the article was
to gently point out something that I hope not to see again, for the sake of the hall’s reputation.

aside, I felt it was good anyway, that people think it’s controversial.
I have gained no enemies, and so far no one has attempted to
edit/remove the said article, so the more ‘controversial’ it is
labelled, the more it will attract readers. Which brings me to remember
that once, in my blog, I said something about a senior, and a whole
bunch of other seniors added me on MSN just to gain permission to
access my blog in Windows Live Spaces to read it. That
is the level of inquisitiveness of the people in hall. And by the way,
the paragraph above this one, is at least 10 times as controversial as
compared to the little paragraph that was deemed to be so. So be
prepared to be disappointed if you actually want to go and read it
after reading this (just the way those seniors who addded me on MSN
are). No hard feelings towards people who still feel the article is on
the controversial end though. I guess we’re just looking at the issue
at very different perspectives.

The new hall freshmen have
settled in very quickly, but I haven’t really got to know them. I guess
I am anti-social, or just sick, or too busy (or finding excuses). One
day I’ll come back finding Raffles Hall a different place, with
different people. Sometimes, being in hall for so long, I do wonder
what connects me to hall. Is it the people, whose faces change year in
and year out, or is it the lifestyle, the buildings, the comfortable
little circle of friends I keep? Is it hall spirit, that is ebbing out
of me as I go higher up in NUS, revived only when I participate
whole-heartedly in the Aspiration Cheer?

That’s why I think all
residents should, if they go down to support a sport, go down to cheer
for RH Handball. Not because it’s one of our very rare sports that go
into the finals – but that’s the place you find most Rafflesians turn
up to cheer, to be excited, and most of all, to be united for a common
cause. Another event that I really feel for is Rag Day, when we cheer
for Float and wait for results together. Other events are just more
scattered, and even if the passion is there, the people are not.

well. Enough thoughts for today. 🙂 The nodding Winnie the Pooh
handphone holder Mable gave me is studying his book diligently (at
least he looks like he’s doing so), so I should follow his example too.


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I\’ve never done a degree so i don\’t understand why students have to study into the early morning :(Poor things…

Get rid of the spam below dear

Martyn: Haha I guess I may have time-management issues 🙂

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